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Which Forklift is Best for Your Business?

Forklifts are regularly used across a variety of businesses. Depending on the specific requirements, there are several different types of forklifts to choose from, but not all forklifts are built the same.

Some are best suited for construction jobs, others for agriculture, and some for warehouses. Depending on your industry, you may only need one or several lifts to meet your business needs.

Forklift Power Options

Generally, forklifts coming in two different power options, electric and diesel. Both power options are effective for different tasks, for example, a diesel forklift would suit heavy lifting more whereas electric forklifts are often more economical for day-to-day use. Electric forklifts usually have a longer operating life and lower operating costs. These forklifts require you to charge the battery in order to operate.

Three-Wheel or Four-Wheel

Forklifts usually come in three-wheel or four-wheel varieties. If you’re working with tight spaces, three-wheel lifts have a smaller turn radius than their four-wheeled counterparts, making them easy to manoeuvre and ideal for warehouse spaces. Four-wheel forklifts are generally better when it comes to operating on a slope. These lifts have better stability and can operate with heavier loads.

Forklift Types

Depending on your specific needs, many types of forklifts exist including counterbalance forklifts, sideloading forklifts and reach forklifts.

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Which Forklift is Best for Your Business?