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How Important Are Forklifts To The UK Supply Chain?

With logistics and supply chain management forever changing, forklifts have become an essential tool for ensuring the efficient and smooth movement of goods and equipment of all types, and across most industries.

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Should You Buy Or Hire A Forklift?

If you run a warehouse, factory or retail distribution centre, you might be thinking of getting a forklift, or a fleet of forklifts, to move and stack heavy loads, and to improve overall efficiency and productivity in your workplace.

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And You Thought Forklifts Were Only Used In Warehouses

Of course, warehouses are one of the most common places you’re likely to see a working forklift, but due to the versatility of these wonderful machines, forklifts are used in all sorts of industries, and some are more unusual than others.

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Forklift and pallets

Is Driving A Forklift Like Driving A Car

In the sense that a forklift is a motorised vehicle, you could say it’s a bit like driving a car. But, get into a forklift, and you’ll soon realise that driving it has some distinct differences from driving a car, and why training is essential to operate one.

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Forklift in warehouse

5 Essential Forklift Safety Tips

Forklifts are wonderful machines which have undeniably revolutionised how warehouses and similar spaces function, by helping to maximise available space, and massively increase efficiency and productivity.

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Hard hat and high vis jacket

Why Should I Service My Forklift?

“My forklift is a robust, heavy-duty vehicle, meant to lift extremely heavy loads for hours on end, and I’m not driving it on the roads. So why do I need to get my forklift serviced, especially when I carry out regular maintenance checks?”

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Mechanic servicing forklift

5 Facts About Combilift

As the largest global manufacturer of multi-directional forklifts, Combilift is up there with the top forklift brands in the materials handling industry. But, what makes Combilift the go-to choice for so many businesses?

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Combilift lifting load

Are forklifts dangerous?

The short answer is yes. But, any dangers associated with forklifts and forklift operation can be drastically reduced as long as strict safety measures are in place designed to protect anyone operating or working around forklifts.

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Caution - Look out for forklifts

All You Need To Know About Electric Forklifts

Electric forklifts can be a great alternative to petrol or diesel forklifts, especially for indoor applications, due to the fact that they produce zero emissions and operate almost silently.

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Electric Forklift