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LOLER & Thorough Examination

Is Your Forklift Truck Up To The Mark?

LOLER & Thorough Examination for Forklifts

Thorough Examination for fork lift trucks is roughly equivalent to the MOT for cars – a mandatory check to ensure that the mechanical parts of your fork lift are in safe working order.

Thorough Examination is required by law, and must take place at regular intervals that depend on the type of truck you’re running... but it will certainly be at least once a year… often more.

When should I get my truck tested?

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LOLER Certfication

LOLER Regulations

Our LOLER Certification will ensure that your forklift is safe to use all year round. All aspects of your forklift will be checked to ensure that your forklift is performing safely and efficiently including the tyres, brakes and engine.

Fully Equipped Workshop

Fully Equipped Workshop

From our location in Newport Pagnell, Milton Keynes, our workshop is fully equipped with the very latest technology to allow us to offer LOLER and Thorough Examination services.

Forklift Servicing

Forklift Servicing

In addition to LOLER certification, we are also able to offer complete forklift servicing from our Buckinghamshire location. Our servicing engineers have extensive experience and work from our onsite workshop.

What is Thorough Examination?

A Thorough Examination is like an MOT for a car. It is a detailed inspection of all the safety related parts of a fork lift truck. In many ways it is more complex than the MOT for a car. In addition to the brakes, steering, tyres etc being checked under PUWER 98 all the lifting components, hydraulics, chains, forks etc are inspected in accordance with LOLER 98.

The regulations apply to fork lift trucks that are one year old. From the one year point onwards a Thorough Examination is required at least once every 12 months. In some instances a truck will need to have a Thorough Examination more frequently. If you are in doubt check this with your truck supplier or maintenance provider.

Just like an MOT for a car a Thorough Examination is not part of the maintenance process. It must be carried out and reported on separately from routine maintenance.

Generally speaking the employer of the operator of the fork lift truck (the owner or user) is responsible for ensuring that Thorough Examinations are carried out on time by a Competent Person. Records must be kept.

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Who can carry out Thorough Examinations?

The scheme for Thorough Examinations is regulated by CFTS (Consolidated Fork Truck Services). For further information on the scheme you can see more details at the CFTS website.

Beds and Bucks Forktrucks are authorised to carry out these inspections and are accredited CFTS members.

The LOLER 98 and PUWER 98 regulations simply require that a Thorough Examination is carried out by a Competent Person.

    As a practical guide the following are likely to be able to carry out a Thorough Examination on a fork lift truck:
  • An experienced fork lift truck engineer
  • A specialist inspector working for an insurance company or equipment inspection company

It is worth noting that an “insurance inspection” is not necessarily a Thorough Examination and if you rely on such inspections you should make sure you receive a document headed “Report of Thorough Examination”.

For further information see the Thorough Examination FAQ

LOLER Certification in Herts, Beds & Bucks

For more than three decades, our team of specialists have been providing LOLER certification for small, medium and large businesses nationwide from our location in Milton Keynes.

Our engineers have extensive experience with a wide range of forklift manufacturers including Clark, Combilift, Aislemaster and Jungheinrich.

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