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Here at Beds & Bucks Forktrucks Ltd we have been selling new and used forklifts as well as hiring forklifts for more than three decades. We are based in Newport Pagnell, north of Milton Keynes. Our position close to the M1 allows us to quickly and efficiently deliver forktrucks across the local area.

Finance Your Next Forklift

As experienced suppliers of new and used forklifts we understand that you may not be able to purchase a forklift in one go. Here at Beds and Bucks Forktrucks our huge range of forklifts are available with a number of finance deals. See the options below and find out what will be best for you in helping you to fulfill your next forklift requirement.

Paying cash up front for costly equipment can sap much-needed business capital. Asset Finance can help tailor a financial solution to help you acquire the assets you need. It is a flexible and powerful way to spread the purchase cost over an asset’s economic life.

Key Benefits:

  • 60% of UK small & medium sized businesses use asset finance to fund investments
  • Repayment periods geared to economic life of assets
  • Preserves capital – helps with limited capital or if you need to manage cashflow carefully
  • Facilities secured on the underlying asset/s financed – generally no additional security

Contract Hire

This form of finance is chosen by a large proportion of users of materials handling equipment. If you require one rental to cover both the finance and maintenance of the equipment, giving fixed budgeting with no unexpected repair bills, you can choose a Contract Hire agreement. The agreement runs for a specified period, and the equipment is collected by the dealer at the end of the period when a new truck can be supplied.

  • Contract Hire Benefits:
    • Frees up capital for other investments
    • Allows easy budgeting for the upkeep of the equipment throughout the term
    • Deals can be structured to suit your needs - rental and return conditions fixed at the outset
    • Tax-efficient – 100% of rentals paid are normally offset against taxable profits
    • Off-balance sheet funding – equipment does not depreciate on your balance sheet
    • Improves gearing ratio
    • Rentals are classed as a revenue expense in the Profit and Loss account
    • Use of the equipment may increase your productivity – it could ‘pay for itself’ - rentals matched to income
    • VAT is payable on each rental rather than in full at the outset (which is the case for HP)

Hire/Lease Purchase

Unwilling to spend a large amount of capital on a forklift in one go? Hire Purchase means you can pay for it in manageable, fixed instalments, spread over a period of time. Funding is on balance sheet. The asset is purchased on your behalf and owned by the finance company until final payment is made, when ownership automatically transfers to you.

  • Hire/Lease Purchase Benefits:
    • Frees up capital for other investments
    • Regular, fixed payments - allows for easy budgeting
    • Tax advantages – as well as reclaiming VAT (if VAT registered)
    • You may be able to claim capital allowances and also offset repayment interest against profits
    • Tax-efficient – 100% of rentals paid are normally offset against taxable profits
    • Flexibility – you choose how the finance is structured: with a flexible deposit, fixed payments and perhaps a final balloon lump sum
    • Unlike some bank loans, additional security is not usually required and the agreement is not payable on demand if conditions are being met
    • Freedom to make your own arrangements for maintenance, repairs and servicing

Finance Lease

This is a flexible, tax efficient way to acquire a forklift without using up much needed cash reserves. The finance company retains ownership of the asset, but you can sell it on their behalf at the end of the term and keep most of the sale proceeds. Funding is on balance sheet.

  • Finance Lease Benefits:
    • Finance available for up to 100% of the purchase price (excl. VAT)
    • Flexible and tax efficient funding
    • VAT payable on the rentals, not upfront on the purchase of the assets.
    • At the end of the agreement you can either retain the asset for a nominal annual sum or sell it and retain most of the sale proceeds
    • You can normally offset the rentals against taxable profits
    • Freedom to make your own arrangements for maintenance, repairs and servicing

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