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How to Reduce the Cost of Owning a Forklift

Lowering maintenance costs and keeping the fleet productive are sure-fire methods to reduce the overall cost of ownership for any forklift fleet and avoid any production for your business.

Regularly Check Equipment

Ensuring your employees and personnel check your fleet prior to each and every use in order to detect any problems early and reducing costs long-term. In addition, a great way to prolong the life and performance of any forklift is to make sure oil changes are conducted on a regular schedule with adherence to the prescribed regimens.

Optimise & Customise Your Fleet

Forklift attachments allow you to customise your existing forklift stock, this will allow you to take on multiple tasks without needing more machines and therefore reducing your costs.

Electric Forklifts

Where suitable, consider using electric forklifts. The cost of diesel is always on the rise, while technology is only making electric forklifts cheaper and cheaper to operate. Today’s electric forklifts can perform two shift’s worth of work from a single battery charge and can regain energy from braking, prolonging overall charge. While they do generally require a larger initial investment, due to up-front costs, electric forklifts can keep the overall cost of your fleet down.

Your Local Forklift Specialist

For more than three decades, at Beds & Bucks Forktrucks, we have supplied brand new, used and rental forklifts to all areas of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire & Buckinghamshire. We also offer forklift servicing, forklift repairs and forklift refurbishment for your business.

Reduce the Cost of Owning a Forklift