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Forklift Tyre Maintenance For The Spring & Summer

As the weather begins to get warmer forklift operators and employees are eager and excited to get outdoors and tackle work projects that may have been put off due to the cold and icy conditions that occur during the winter months.

A common and rudimentary behavior is to check and sometimes change tyres with the change of seasons. As the temperatures rise, we have a few tips for you that can help you optimize your forklift tyres as the weather gets warmer.

Proper Inflation - It is essential that tyres inflation is checked and are in proper working order. We recommend that you check your tyres every time prior to operation or at least once per day

Check Tyre Pressure - If you do not check your tyre pressures a range of dangers can occur. The most dangerous if which is poor traction which can cause forklift accidents and incidents for forktruck operators.

Prevent Blowouts - Blowouts come as a result of the air pressure in a tire becoming too much for the component to handle. As the temperatures rise in the summer, so does the pressure within the tyres. Blowouts are extremely dangerous and can result in fires and vehicle malfunctions. Checking the state of your tyre pressure on exceptionally hot days prior to the heaviest of loads is an imperative worth adhering to.

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