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Top 3 Forklift Hazards to Watch Out For

In a material handling environment, safety is extremely important. Although the industry has a range of potential dangers, more often than not they can be easily avoided. Below is a list of the top three forklift hazards and advice to avoid them.

1. Tipping Over

This happens more or less as a result of excess speed or improperly loading, overinflated tyres can also cause tipping and are more likely to explode and create an instant malfunction. Furthermore, it is important to ensure that all materials are properly loaded so that the vehicle is not top-heavy.

2. Workplace Injuries

In many circumstances workers strain themselves as a result of attempting to lift too much without necessary help. This can be avoided through proper lifting and a team-oriented approach. In addition, encouraging appropriate form in approaching the lifting of any object is a great way to circumvent these issues.

3. Improper Use of Attachments

Using a forklift simulator is a great tool to help novice forklift operators become acquainted with these utilities in real-time scenarios without the risk attached. There are some basic and fundamental practices to ensure proper usage.

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