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New Jungheinrich Compact Forklift Trucks

Jungheinrich are due to release a two all new highly compact reach trucks. Named the series 1 models EVT 110 and 112 these new reach forklifts have a lift capacity of 1,200kg and are only 1,120mm wide. Thanks to an even greater compact design these new Jungheinrich fork trucks are able to operate within aisles as narrow as 2,455mm.

Even More Efficient

During the design and build process of these new Jungheinrich forklifts there was a particular focus on ensuring that both of the Jungheinrich series 1 models were highly energy efficient. During recent field tests on the Jungheinrich ETV 110 and 112 both forklifts showed that they were able to consume up to 10% less energy than their predecessors, making them two of the most energy efficient fork trucks in their class.

Easier To Operate

A newly developed electric steering system will also feature on these new Jungheinrich forklifts. When travelling straight ahead the steering wheel spinner knob is always in the optimum ergonomic position to allow an even easier drive for the user.

Despite being even more compact the new Jungheinrich fork trucks offer plenty of cab space. Important controls have been configured so that the driver is able to operate them without having to leave their hand from the wheel. To further enhance the operators efficiency a fork mounted camera and operator monitor have also been integrated into the new series 1 Junheinrich models. By viewing on these special displays the operator is able to accurately check payload and storage retrieval even at lift heights higher than seven meters.

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New Jungheinrich Compact Forklift Trucks