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Forklift Safety - Top Driving Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Over the course of a year, we hear many stories about forklift accidents happening inside and outside businesses across the UK. Although driving a forklift does require a lot of care and attention, many of the accidents occur as a result of forklift driving mistakes.

Here are a number of the most common mistakes and how to avoid them occurring in your workplace:

Poor Space Awareness - Even the most experienced drivers take for granted how large or small their load might actually be. It is imperative to get a second pair of eyes on board to accurately gauge space awareness. In the event a load is taking up too much room, another set of eyes can alert the driver who can sometimes be unaware of the parameters of size.

Reckless Driving and Operation - It is absolutely essential to look behind as you reverse as there is a risk of an employee who is not paying attention to the forklift barreling down in their direction. A big part of driving is perceiving risks to both yourself and the environment around you. Thus it is essential to look behind you as you reverse. Additionally, using excessive speed or taking sharp turns are two other practices that can result in disaster.

Not Observing Surroundings - While using any forklift, it is necessary to be on the constant lookout for any prospective perils and other people. The quicker the trouble is identified and communicated to the rest of your team, the less likely an injury or accident is bound to occur.

Taking on Too Much Weight - Carrying too much weight can unbalance your forklift and cause accidents. Therefore it is essential for any forklift operator to be aware of the rating for their vehicle and to err on the side of caution when picking up a load.

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Forklift Driving Mistakes