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Why Should You Service Your Forklift Regularly?

For many businesses, having a fully working forklift is an integral part of your day to day business operations. Over time after constant use, parts of a forklift are prone to wear and tear.

Regular servicing and maintenance help ensure your forklift can operate at maximum performance. And here we’ve outlined some of the reasons it’s important to ensure your forklift is regularly serviced and maintained:

Avoid Accidents

Every year there are hundreds of cases reporting forklift accidents as a result of faulty forklifts, usually by problems that can be easily avoided. With regular servicing, your forklift will be performing highly and therefore will prevent mechanical faults and accidents as a result of faulty forklifts.

Keep Your Business Productive

Many businesses rely on forklifts for the productivity of their business. Ensuring that your forklift is fully serviced will reduce any downtime as a result of faults. Forklifts that regularly breakdown can cause a slowdown in productivity, which will ultimately cost your business money.

Increased Longevity

Regular forklift servicing will increase the longevity of a forklift. You’re likely to catch any potential issues quickly and the mechanic will be able to fix them before they cause any major, destructive problems.

Forklift Servicing Specialists

At Beds & Bucks Forktrucks, we have been offering high-quality forklift servicing for more than three decades. From our location in Milton Keynes, Buckinghamshire, we have quick access to all areas of Hertfordshire, Bedfordshire and Buckinghamshire for forklift servicing. Our engineers have experience will a number of different brands including Combilift, Aisle-Master and Hyster.

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