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Why Choose Combilift?

So, you’re looking to buy or hire a forklift, but, with a range of world-class brands to choose from, what makes a Combilift one of the best choices?

In this short article, we’ll give you a quick introduction to Combilift, and give you a rundown of a selection of Combilift models, supplied by Beds & Bucks Forktrucks Ltd.

Who are Combilift?

Established in Monaghan in Ireland in 1998, Combilift began with the vision of its founders, Robert Moffett and Martin McVicar, to create the world’s first, combustion engine powered, all-wheel drive, multi directional forklift.

After their vision was realised, Moffett and McVicar went on to create Combilift, a company that is now the world’s fastest growing and largest, global manufacturer of multidirectional forklifts and long-handling solutions.

Leaders in Innovation

With a research and development strategy that sees 7% of its revenue invested each year, Combilift remains a world leader in finding some of the most innovative methods of lifting challenging loads in highly demanding environments.

This dedication to innovation within the forklift industry has led to Combilift exporting to 85 countries, and to have more than 60,000 Combilift’s being operated by businesses and organisations across the globe.

Which Combilift are you looking for?

With a broad range of models to choose from, where do you start when deciding which Combilift would be best for your business?

To help you make that decision, we’ve put together a list of some of the Combilift’s available at Bed’s & Bucks Forktrucks Ltd., whether you’re looking to hire or buy.

Combilift C4000

The C4000 is just one of the multi-directional forklifts in Combilift’s highly regarded C-Series. With a choice of fuel types, including diesel or LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas), the C4000 has a 4000kg capacity, and has been specially designed to work comfortably in narrow guided aisles, utilising its lift height of 4040mm-8300mm.

Combilift C6000

Another multi-directional forklift in Combilift’s C-Series, the C6000 is ideal for use indoors and outdoors, and is available in diesel or LPG (Liquid Petroleum Gas). With impressive aisle working capabilities, the C6000 also has a maximum lift height of 6.5m, a lifting capacity of 6000kgs, and can be adapted to suit your working environment.

Combilift C25000

A heavy duty lifter, the diesel powered C25000 is designed primarily for outdoor use and is set apart by its 4 wheel hydrostatic drive, giving the operator greater control in challenging situations. The C25000 also has an impressive lifting capacity of 25000kg, lift heights up to 4120mm and a 150mm side-shift as standard.

Combilift Straddle Carrier

For those businesses looking for haulage and shipping solutions, the Combilift Straddle Carrier with its 35 tonne lifting capacity, hydrostatic drive and 2 wheel steer, allows for the easy transportation of containers (empty or fully loaded) around a site, from trailer to trailer, and from the ground onto the trailer, or from the trailer to the ground.

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Why Choose Combilift?