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Why Choose Aisle Master?

You’re thinking of buying or hiring an Aisle Master forklift, but who are Aisle Master, and what makes them one of the world’s leading manufacturers and sellers of forklift trucks?

In this short article, we’ll let you know a little bit about Aisle Master, and why at Beds & Bucks Forktrucks Ltd. we’re proud to have their products as part of our wide range of new forklifts and used forklifts.

Who are Aisle Master?

Based in Monaghan, Ireland, Aisle Master is part of the Combilift family, specialising in producing high-quality articulated forklifts, designed to operate efficiently and safely in aisles as narrow as 1.6 m.

What makes Aisle Master stand out?

Apart from its world-renowned articulated forklifts, Aisle Master stands out due to its dedication to helping businesses maximise storage capacity and productivity within warehouses and other storage facilities.

To achieve this goal, Aisle Master provide free warehouse planning, to help businesses optimise their racking layout and reduce aisle widths, whilst also designing and manufacturing forklifts with specific criteria in mind, including:

Narrow aisle operation – One of the best ways to improve storage capacity in a warehouse or other storage facilities, is to have narrower aisles. But, due to the width of many forklifts, businesses are restricted to how narrow they can go and still allow for safe working. With the addition of an Aisle Master articulated forklift however, businesses are able to reduce aisle width down to 1.6m, allowing for more racking space and storage capacity, whilst still being able to operate safely.

Enhanced visibility – When operating a forklift in confined spaces and in particular, narrow aisles, having all-round visibility is vital for both safety and productivity purposes. All Aisle Master forklifts are designed with high-level visibility, as well as providing a comfortable, ergonomically-designed cab environment, allowing the operator unrestricted movement.

Indoor and outdoor operation – Operating a forklift in a warehouse environment often means switching between indoor and outdoor tasks. To enable indoor and outdoor operation, Aisle Master provide a range of forklifts, such as the Aisle Master articulated VNA truck, that can comfortably operate in any environment.

Aisle Master Products

Aisle Master offers a wide range of state-of-the-art products designed for various lifting tasks in various different environments. Products include:

AC Electric Aisle Master – Aisle Master is one of the leaders in AC battery technology for articulated forklifts. The technology in the Aisle Master AC electric, not only allows for greater lifting capabilities and increased productivity, it also provides improved acceleration and gradeability.

Aisle Master LPG – Aisle Master LPG machines are equipped with a closed loop fuel system as standard, which helps to improve emissions and increase fuel economy. One of the main benefits of an LPG forklift, is that it can be operated indoors and outdoors for an entire shift, without any loss of power or performance.

Cold Store Aisle Master – Designed and built specifically for cold store and temperature controlled warehousing tasks, the Cold Store Aisle Master includes a heated, fully enclosed high-visibility cab, and low energy LED work lights, that will keep working no matter how cold it gets.

Aisle Master Order Picker – The Aisle Master Order Picker, aka AME – OP, is a stand-on, electric-powered forklift, specially designed to make warehouse operations easier and quicker therefore increasing overall productivity.

Pedestrian Machines – Aisle Masters pedestrian machines have lifting capacities up to 16,000kg, and include features such as the patented multi-position tiller arm, to help improve versatility and lifting capabilities within small or medium-sized warehouses.

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Why Choose Aisle Master?