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Which Forktruck is right for you?

Hand Pallet Trucks

Hand pallet trucks are a manual device that is used to lift and move pallets. Hand pallet trucks use a hydraulic jack, when the jack is raised the forks move away from the front wheels which are placed inside the ends of the forks. The pallet is placed carefully and leaves enough room to clear the floor beneath it. Hand pallet trucks use ergonomic hand controls to give the user ultimate control without over straining and reducing the chance of injury.

The hand pallet truck is ideal for warehouses where the user is moving loads that only need to be transported over a short distance and require maximum manoeuvrability and where space is restricted.

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Counter Balance Trucks

Counter Balance forktrucks are the most common type of forklift truck that will be found in many workplaces. There is a 3-wheel and 4-wheel option available. The 3-wheel counterbalance truck offers greater manoeuvrability than the 4-wheel option yet both use a counterbalance weight design where a weight is installed into the rear of the forktruck so the weight of a heavy load lifted with the front forks is offset against the counterbalance weight in the rear of the vehicle.

This type of fork truck is ideal where the weight of a load is too heavy for a hand pallet truck and the load needs to be carried over a long distance. The 3-wheel forktruck is also a great way of loading and unloading HGV.

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Counter Balance Trucks