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Make the Most of your Warehouse Space with Aisle-Master

You can maximise the available space in your warehouse with the splendid Aisle-Master VNA (very narrow aisle). The Aisle-Master is especially designed to be maximally manoeuvrable with its articulated body. It's design is slimline so it can fit down the narrowest of aisles between racking and storage shelving and it can 'turn on a sixpence' making performing the necessary tasks and manoeuvres easy even in the tightest spaces.

This allows you the freedom to lay out your warehouse, squeezing in the largest number of racks and aisles possible, without compromising speed and ease of access to every shelf.

The aisle-master is also a very versatile machine, able to do the work of both a reach and counter-balance forklift, thereby reducing the number of forklifts you will require to service your warehouse and therefore also saving space in this way. It is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use with sufficient ground clearance to allow use over rougher terrain.