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Tips For Operating Your Forklift in the Summer

Summer remains the most important time of the year for forklift maintenance. A rise in temperatures and sunlight can have impacts on both the forklift operator and can also wear your forklift.

Below are some tips to help you along the way and keep you safe during the summer months.

Battery Checks

Although we recommend that you check your battery on a regular basis, battery checks become even more important during the summer as the heat can cause excess corrosion and low fluid levels. It is important to ensure that you have the correct water levels in the battery cells at all times. If they require refilling, ensure that the water you are using has the correct PH.

Oil Checks

Having the correct oil for your forklift is essential to its functionality. Just like any other engine-powered machine, you want to be sure the oil is changed when recommended. A lack of engine oil (or old engine oil) can cause your engine to wear down and could also possibly lead to total engine failure.

Engine Check

Overheating is a major problem during the summer, a good working radiator will help protect your forklift from meltdown. If your coolant is low, be sure to check for any cracks before adding fluid. Thoroughly inspect your hoses for holes, cracks, or loose connections before you refill the tank and make sure you are using the right coolant for your specific forklift model. This is also an opportunity to make sure the radiator screen is free of any debris

Fans & Belts

Properly functioning fans and belts are needed to help keep your forklift from overheating. Engine fans help lower the surface heat of your engine, while belts keep coolant moving and add extra airflow over your forklift’s engine. Here’s what to look for when inspecting your belts and fans: cracks, excessive wear, holes, fraying in the belt system and squeaking noises that increase with engine speed.

Personal Well-Being

It’s just as important for drivers and workers to stay safe in extreme temperatures. Heat fatigue is a common issue for forklift truck operators. You should consider placing fans in the parts of your warehouse where you do most of your work and always carry a bottle of chilled water with you while at work. Make sure you are able to take breaks in a cooler environment throughout the day. If possible, schedule heavy workloads in earlier parts of the day before your warehouse has had a chance to heat up, or later on in the afternoon when it has had an opportunity to cool.

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Tips For Operating Your Forklift in the Summer