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Tips For Operating An Outdoor Forklift in the Winter

Operating a forklift truck outside comes with a few more health and safety issues to consider and when you factor in winter weather conditions, those issues increase even further.

With proper due care and attention operating an outdoor forklift truck in winter doesn’t have to be inherently dangerous and you can operate safely and securely.

Daily Forklift Checks
To ensure that your forklift is safe to use, it is essential to perform thorough checks to determine whether or not the forklift is in complete working order.

Thorough Forklift Servicing
Keeping your forklift trucks running and in prime condition is essential to keeping your business running smoothly, so forklift servicing and forklift repairs are extremely important.

Staff Training
All staff should have thorough training and regular refreshers to keep the knowledge fresh in their mind. It requires a different skillset working outdoors as there are different hazards to be aware of.

Suitable Clothing, Equipment & Tools
Operating a forklift truck outside requires different clothing than forklifts that are operated inside. Winter weather demands gloves, sturdy boots, high vis jackets and warm hats. Ensuring this is provided to all employees and that they wear appropriate clothing whilst working can make work more efficient and safer.

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Tips For Operating An Outdoor Forklift in the Winter