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Top Tips for buying a Used Forklift

When you are looking to but a Used Forklift, you need to remember to think long term.

It needs to be remembered that a used forklift is likely to still be a substantial investment for your business. Will your requirements change in the not too distant future, 2 or 3 years down the line? Should this Used forklift take this into account or is this something that will hold until your next purchase?

Consider which type of forklift is most appropriate for your business. Should it be a Used Electric forklift? Should it be a Used LPG powered forklift? Should it be a Used Diesel forklift?

How much weight will the Used Forklift need to lift? Check the weights and measurements of what you need to lift. Remember to include head room in your calculations!

Will your type of business mean that a Used Forklift is not the way to go? Evaluate whether you would be better off buying a forklift or financing a forklift. Do you have a reserve of cash for a forklift or would it be better to fund the forklift monthly?