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A Sideloader forklift explained

What is the purpose of a sideloader forklift?

If you’re in need of a forklift truck that is ideally suited to easily handle wide or long and heavy loads a side loader forklift is purpose built for these types of tasks.

As their name suggests, side loaders operate by lifting loads from the side. Where regular counterbalance forklifts may become unstable, the side loader fork truck specialises in easily handling long loads such as wood and piping. They are designed to work in narrow aisles and since the load is carried on the side, the driver has a clear view of whats in front and behind them.

There are a variety of different powered forktrucks such as diesel, LPG and even propane fuelled sideloader fork lifts.

How does a sideloader forklift work?

Sideloader fork lifts come in three different variations. The first type of side loader has a large open bay with a mast and fork carriage built to travel perpendicular to the truck as it moves. The forks are extended out to the side of the fork truck allowing it to lift up a load and then retract the load over the large open bay allowing the fork truck to set the load down onto the bay.
A Sideloader forklift explained