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Operating Your Forklift in the Rain

With summer coming to a close, we will most likely be seeing some wetter weather over the next few months. First and foremost safety is the main priority for anyone operating a forklift truck and rain can obviously create additional problems.

Depending on the type of forklift you are using, it may not be suitable for use externally including some types of electric forklifts.


Visibility is especially important for wet conditions. If you’re working in low-visibility conditions due to the rain, make sure all your safety lights are working fully before you start. You can also use your lights and your horn to help avoid accidents in the rain. If visibility is too poor and you don’t feel comfortable operating the forklift in the weather conditions, then don’t.


When it’s raining, be sure to wear appropriate clothing such as waterproof jackets and trousers, non-slip boots and something reflective if possible to ensure you are comfortable and remain dry.

Check Your Forklift Thoroughly

Your forklift should be thoroughly checked daily to ensure that it is working correctly and safely. In rainy conditions, it is even more important to maintain all aspects of your forklifts including electrics, tyres and more.

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