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Hyster Forklift Trucks

Hyster have released four new forklift trucks specifically for large and heavy loads with the ability to lift between 16-18 tonnes. Hyster have designed the forklifts to save fuel particularly in heavy handling operations.

Hyster have integrated the latest technology in their new forklifts that allow up to 20% in fuel savings.

Hyster's new forklift trucks utilise two operating modes; the ECO-elo and HiP modes. Using the ECO-elo mode results in greater fuel efficiency by reducing the top engine speed of the fork truck. The second mode is the HiP High Performance mode that allows the forklift truck to operate as standard.

Additionally the cabins of the new forklift trucks now feature a full ergonomic system designed to allow operators of all shapes and sizes to fit comfortably to allow for increased productivity and visibility.

Not only are the new Hyster fork trucks more efficient, Hyster have ensured that noise levels have been significantly reduced to both the exterior and interior of the cabin. Noise levels of the new Hyster forklift trucks are now amongst the lowest in the industry.

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Hyster Forklift Trucks