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New Forklift Range From Hyster

Hyster are due to release a new series of forklifts; the Hyster E4-5.5XN. The Hyster E4-5.5XN is an electric forklift range that provides operators with the same level of ability associated with IC (internal combustion) forklifts especially delivering on even greater strength for intensive work with heavy loads.

The new Hyster E4-5.5XN range were designed to be a compact electric fork truck range and are highly effective for indoor environments especially being used as a warehouse forklift where there is a limited amount of space available. For a compact forklift the new Hyster forklift range offers users a 4-5.5 tonne lifting capacity.

No Compromise on Performance

The new range from Hyster also features class-leading low energy consumption; eLo performance. The eLo performance setting significantly reduces energy consumption in long intensive shifts without compromising on performance.

The HiP (high performance) setting provides operators with higher productivity levels by increasing the top speed and acceleration to help to enhance productivity levels in demanding operations.

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New Forklift Range From Hyster