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How To Know Which Tyres to Pick for Your Forklift

Your forklift tyres play a vital role in determining the effectiveness of your forklift. Generally speaking forklift tyres come in two fits: standard and press on. Standard tyres are fitted the same way as a car tyre, whilst press on tyres require much less time, they are also less durable and do not perform as well on challenging terrains.

Pneumatic Tyres

Pneumatic forklift tyres are designed similarly to those you would find on a lorry or truck, their thick and tear-resistant rubber make them ideal for use in rough and uneven terrains. These tyres are generally the more expensive tyre option and also require more turning space when being used on a forklift.

Solid Rubber Tyres

Solid rubber tyres are one of the most common tyres types on market and are made with solid rubber wrapped around a metal band as opposed to being filled with air. Due to the way this tyre is manufactured they lack the cushion provided by an air-filled tyre and therefore they are only suitable for indoor and light outdoor use.

Polyurethane Tyres

Polyurethane tyres are excellent indoor forklift tyres, they are typically lightweight and provide excellent traction with low rolling assistance. This type of tyre is most commonly found on electric forklifts and they can effectively counteract the battery weight to keep your forklift balanced. Unfortunately polyurethane tyres are restricted to indoor use and cannot accommodate any outdoor work.

Understanding Your Workplace

Ultimately, when it comes to choosing the right forklift tyre, workplace environment, size, weight and workload time should be carefully evaluated. For example, if you require tyres which work effectively in outdoor environments can greatly benefit from having Pneumatic tyres.

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How To Know Which Tyres to Pick for Your Forklift