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Forklift Tyres And Maintenance Guide

Depending on your model, many forklifts can be fitted with a range of specialised tyres to optimise efficiency for your business.

Each type of tyre offers a significant variety in tread, compound and ply rating as well as being useful for different tasks and situation.

Not all tyres can meet all needs. In order to maximise your fleet productivity, you need to ensure that your forklifts are able to operate at 100%. This is particularly true of outdoor operations where weather hazards can often be largely outside your control.

Types of Forklift Tyres


These are a popular type of forklift tyres and are made from strong wear-resistant rubber to protect the forklift on all types of terrain.


As the name suggests, off-road tyres are most commonly used for rugged, outdoor operations and areas where it’s often not practical to pave or tarmac your site. They provide a forklift with excellent grip at all times.


Designed to be used indoors, polyurethane forklift tyres have an adequate grip as well as a small rolling resistance which extends their life.


Today’s most common forklift tyre. While not air-filled, they cannot be punctured or go flat, which makes them long-lasting. Excellent for indoor use or light outdoor use, but not for rough outdoor or uneven surfaces due to the lack of cushioning.

Forklift Tyre Maintenance

Maintaining good forklift tyres should be part of your regular fleet maintenance. This will help keep your forklifts operating at high efficiency as safely as possible in order to avoid any downtime which will cost your business money.

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Forklift Tyres And Maintenance