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Forklift Safety Tips for Winter Weather

Winter is officially here and temperatures are quickly dropping. When working in warehouses and operating forklifts, cold weather can pose several problems.

Unfortunately, there’s not much you can do to change the winter weather conditions – but there are a few forklift safety tips during cold weather that we can recommend:

Correct clothing

In order to safely operate a forklift, operators should wear tight fit clothing, a high-visibility jacket, safety shoes, and a hard-hat if appropriate. When cold weather strikes, ensure that forklift operators are wearing safe winter clothing. Bulky jackets, pants, and scarves should be removed before operating the equipment.

Inspect equipment

Forklifts that are used constantly need to be examined at the end of each shift. Cold weather can affect a lot of things – including the parts and operation of a forklift. For example, sudden drops in temperature can decrease tire pressure or cause hoses to crack. These parts and components, among others, should be inspected before a forklift is used.

Slow down and stay back

As conditions can get slippery and icy in very cold conditions, it is crucial to be cautious while operating a forklift in winter weather. While true in any weather, it is pertinent that forklift operators navigate the equipment cautiously.

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Forklift Safety Tips for Winter Weather