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The FLTA Safetember Month

Safetember 2015

Every year, hundreds of workers are seriously injured as a result with an accident with a fork truck. This year September becomes Safetember in an effort to reduce the huge number of avoidable accidents within the industry.

In 2008, National Fork Lift Safety Week was launched to raise awareness of the dangers involved when working with forklift trucks. This September, the FLTA, will be will highlighting a number of changes which companies can enforce to prevent and minimise the dangers of working with forklifts.

A Safer Working Environment

The FLTA feel that although there is no legal requirements to segregate pedestrian areas and forklift operations, they feel it should be the duty of companies to provide a safe working environment for their employees.

During the month, the FLTA, will be sharing a wealth of simple and affordable safety measures that have already been tried and tested throughout sites in the UK. They are safety measures that can be implemented on sites of all sizes.

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The FLTA Safetember Month