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EU imposes new pallet truck anti-dumping duty

As of the 22nd of April 2013, the European Union (EU) has imposed a new anti-dumping duty on all pallet trucks imported from China to EU countries.
This new duty amounts to 70.8% and means that the price difference between a pallet truck from China and pallet trucks produced in Europe is now extremely small.

To the Danish material handling equipment manufacturer Logitrans A/S, the new anti-dumping policy means that the high quality Danish produced Logitrans Panther pallet truck can now compete with Chinese models on price.
Erling Pedersen, president of Danish materials handling equipment manufacturer Logitrans A/S, says the duty will open new opportunities for the company to sell its pallet trucks.

"We want to stress that it is now not worthwhile to buy anything but our pallet truck – a pallet truck of good, strong Danish quality," Pedersen says.
"Our Panther pallet truck manages 50,000 pump strokes, ensuring a considerably lower price during the operating life than a Chinese pallet truck."