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Bendi Order Picking Articulated Fork Truck

Bendi fork trucks are set to introduce the worlds very first ‘self replenishing’ order picking articulated fork truck.

The new Bendi forklift is a completely innovative fork lift with two pallet handling locations which allows the operator to pick and replenish a pallet without the aid of having to call in another machine or forklift operator.

The Bendi Order Picking Articulated Fork Truck is ideal for narrow aisle work with it’s ability to comfortably operate within tight spaces.

With the forklifts ability to allow the operator to complete two tasks simultaneously allowing for improved efficiency the Bendi order picking articulated fork truck also reduces the number in wasted aisle space by nearly 50% and allows for a more efficient order picking route.

Many aisles throughout warehouses are circa 3m wide. Many fork truck pickers will tend to spend the majority of their time moving from one side of the warehouse to the other. This results in requiring two forklifts to pass through an aisle. On many occasions you may find that many forklifts are blocking one off from the other. With the order picking articulated fork truck you can avoid this problem with the Bendi Order Picker forklift able to complete two tasks at once.

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Bendi Order Picking Articulated Fork Truck