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The Aisle-Master Cold Store Cab Forklift

The articulated forklift manufacturer Aisle-Master has developed the cold store forklift truck to allow greater user performance and efficiency in very cold conditions. Winner of the award for Innovation at the 2013 FLTA's Awards for excellence, the cold store fork lift has allowed users to comfortably operate forklifts in cold conditions.

Greater Efficiency

The requirements of cold store operation are incredibly stringent; cost per ft² are high, optimum driver comfort needs to be ensured and the low temperatures can be detrimental to your average forklift.

Thanks to continual development and progression on previous attempts, Aisle-Master have been able to develop a fully enclosed heated cab which keeps drivers warm and allowing them to function just as well in a regular environment. Heated windows eliminate a build up of condensation when driving in and out of rooms with differing temperatures. This in turn increases safety measures with visibility at 100% at all times.

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The Aisle-Master Cold Store Cab Forklift